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Super Fans - the gasoline of improv

This is a post to say thanks for watching improv.
Fans in the audience are the gasoline of improv and make it all happen. 
Fans witness the moments being created.

Fans at Improv Against Humanity at the Rio

So, thank you for watching improv..... 

You, the new boyfriend/girlfriend. 
You, the befuddled dad.
You, the loyal sister.
You, the interested mom.
You, the too-cool brother. 
You, the visiting cousin. 
You, the enthusiastic new friend. 
You, the trusted old friend. 
You, the old boyfriend/girlfriend. 
You, the odd but friendly person.
You, the odd and unfriendly person.
You, the newbie. 
You, the person who has been to at least half of my shows. 

I am a fan too. I know why you're here.