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The Fictionals Tonight

Here's what I mean about creating moments.
A few weeks ago, I filmed an improv set in front of a live audience with The Fictionals. We've called it "The Fictionals Tonight" and I'm pleased to share it here. The best part of the show is when we work together to create singular moments of focus.

The show was originally 30 minutes long, and we cut it down to 15 minutes to showcase the long-form piece that we performed. We started with some games in the taping, but the long-form really allowed us to create a few special moments. Watch as the scenes unfold and we work together and actively listen as a group. We can feel when the scenes need to change, when we need to support each other, how it can all connect, and most importantly - when we can create singular moments.


 ~ Catch the fictionals every Tuesday night at Cafe Deux Soleils and the third Wednesday of each month in Improv Against Humanity.
Our troupe link is in my links section (to the right if viewing on the web).


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