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Wait, A Moment! The blog.

Hello Blog Universe,

Last night, I performed in my 150th paid professional improv show on the mainstage at Vancouver TheatreSports League on Granville Island.

Today I begin my blog.

It was a thrill. I played CANDY, the narrator of our hit show, The Christmas Queen (tickets at ... shameless plug, I know...  but GOD I love that place). So, I'm still using my cane as I recover from a disc injury in my back - therefore, my name was CANDY (motion to my cane).

That was one of my first laughs of the night. It was a lovely moment. That's what this blog is all about.

In this blog, I'm inviting you to walk with me as I prepare to move to New York City. Here's the sitch: I'm taking what I know about improv, the amazing training that I've received and that I now teach - and I'm jetting across the continent to live on the Atlantic side of things for 2 years. My wonderful husband Jon will be doing a medical fellowship in Neurology and I'll be doing an improv fellowship of sorts. So, as Neil Degrasse Tyson says in Cosmos.... come with me.

Here's my deal:
I believe that good improv happens when the players work together to showcase singular moments on stage. 
Being "in the now" and "present" contribute to this idea.

As I share my thoughts on improv with you around the workshops that I teach, the shows that I perform in, and the hosting I lead...  they will all be a reflection on creating wonderful moments.