Think improv is about thinking fast? Think again!

When I tell people that I improvise, the response is often "wow, I could never do that - I'm not fast enough" or "you must be able to think really fast on your feet."

Actually, I find that success and enjoyment in improv is the exact opposite.
It's about slowing down and listening.

When you are really and actually in the moment you can really and actually listen.
Then the moment that you are in gets brighter and the next move becomes obvious and joyful.

Instead of thinking fast about what to do next... choose a real emotion (C.A.R.E.) and slow down. Be there. What comes next will be organic and have folks marvelling about how fast you seem to think.

It's been an awesome and challenging year! 
In 2017 I've performed improv in Vancouver, New York, Seattle, Rome, Dublin, and Melbourne. 
I've made new friends and connected with treasured old ones. 

I'm minding my mind and working to "drop the rope" that leads to a negative brain feedback loop. I'm surfing the moment whenever and wherever I can. 

I wish all my friends, family, and followers a very happy new year and all the best in 2018. 
Hope we see each other at a show, in a classroom, or somewhere unexpected! 
My heart continues to be bold,

DJS Production Team - Dan, Jamie, Sarah Dawn
 Thanks to these amazing improvisors who help make my world a better place.
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Talent and Taste

After 3 years of healing from a back injury, I got up on the mountain and.... I've still got some talent! 
Improv is frustrating when you start out. 
Like snowboarding, or riding a bike, or any skill. 

You know what's funny, but your scenes don't seem to reflect your sense of humour. 
Or how funny you know you are. Here's the thing: 
You have to wait for your talent to catch up to your taste. 

Keep at it! The fact that you're unhappy is a GOOD THING. It shows you have good taste. 

Keep watching shows and noting why you laugh and the technique that is happening on stage to make you laugh. You'll get there... and when your talent catches up to your taste - oh man are you gonna have fun. Some more good news? Just like snowboarding, you retain a huge part of your talent once you've built it up.
Backstage at XY YVR with the cast for one of our Tuesday night shows. Felt so good to do a show & be proud of the work. 


My goal is to "be in the now" when I perform on stage, when I teach, and in the biggest moments of my life. These are the lessons I've learned along the way.

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Thoughts on Improv & Life


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