Why accept offers?

A wonderful performer friend (Conni Smudge) shared this on FaceBook, and it spoke to me about improv:

It hit me because I'm in the middle of a few Wayne Dyer books at the moment (all given to me by my mother), and because it relates to accepting offers.

In improv, I strive to be hyper aware of "offers" - information that the other improvisors are giving me about the environment, characters, relationships, and situations happening in the scene.

Scenes are brilliant when improvisors are listening to each other's offers and accepting them by immediately incorporating the other person's information to co-create a moment.

See your scene "as it is", rather than "as you think it should be" by listening to and accepting offers. Know what is being established, enjoy it, and then add on.

Accepting offers allows you the ability to co-create.
You earn the right to make a new offer that will build on the one you just accepted.

It's the reason why we say "YES, and..."

I'm not sure if I'm giving or receiving an offer here

The Church of Improv

This week has been crazy in the best way possible. I've spent the last six nights at The Improv Centre hosting and playing in the The Vancouver TheatreSports League's 27th annual Massacre Improv Festival. I also taught Character and Spontaneity this week - the intensive improv introduction courses at our school (the Improv Comedy Institute).
I'm tired, but I'm more pumped than ever.
 The Visiting Teams of Massacre 27 at VTSL

Once again, I've come to this realization - improv forms community. This is our church. This is where we come together to reinforce the principles that we take forward into our lives: Saying yes. Building each other up. Building on offers. Listening. Celebrating.

I welcomed our visiting teams from across North America & I welcomed our new students to VTSL. My message to both groups was the same - you have a place here.

It's what improv is all about. It's what makes it so much fun. We include.

I've made more new friends this week than the whole year so far. That makes this week crazy in the best way possible.


Tomorrow, The Fictionals present Improv Against Humanity at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.
It's our "little show that could" - starting in a restaurant that holds 50 people, moving to an indy theatre for 440 people, now moving to a major events theatre that seats over 1000.

Help us housewarm our new venue by buying a ticket and joining, especially if you haven't been to Improv Church in a while!
I'll probably do this in the show tomorrow.

Improvisor's Pre Show Meditation

Here's a meditation I've written to say to yourself before a show.
The aim is to create more awareness before you go on that will lead to great moments on stage.


I'm happy to be here doing this. This is a privilege. 

I'm going into this with my eyes and ears open. They are my collaboration tools. 

I'm also going into this with lots to say, so I'll always be ready. 

When I'm in this, I'll listen to the crowd and connect with them. 

When I'm in this, I'll listen to my fellow players and connect with them. 

I'm here to create something completely new when this happens. 

I am going to say "yes" to make this better.

I relieve myself of my fixed perception of my inadequacies. This is where anything can happen. 

I embrace who I am right now and give myself permission to enjoy myself at this.

I'll enjoy the other improvisors too.  In this, I'll turn jealousy and frustration into appreciation and celebration.

This is my moment. 
This is our moment. 
This is fun. 
This is now. 


My goal is to "be in the now" when I perform on stage, when I teach, and in the biggest moments of my life. These are the lessons I've learned along the way.

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