Why accept offers?

A wonderful performer friend (Conni Smudge) shared this on FaceBook, and it spoke to me about improv:

It hit me because I'm in the middle of a few Wayne Dyer books at the moment (all given to me by my mother), and because it relates to accepting offers.

In improv, I strive to be hyper aware of "offers" - information that the other improvisors are giving me about the environment, characters, relationships, and situations happening in the scene.

Scenes are brilliant when improvisors are listening to each other's offers and accepting them by immediately incorporating the other person's information to co-create a moment.

See your scene "as it is", rather than "as you think it should be" by listening to and accepting offers. Know what is being established, enjoy it, and then add on.

Accepting offers allows you the ability to co-create.
You earn the right to make a new offer that will build on the one you just accepted.

It's the reason why we say "YES, and..."

I'm not sure if I'm giving or receiving an offer here

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