Selling it! The power of confidence

By adopting more confidence when you perform, you'll create more great moments for your fellow performers and for the audience. So... get out there, smile, and Sell It!

Julie Andrews musters her confidence
Last year, I developed a workshop for a Vancouver TheatreSports League drop-in class called Selling It!  In the workshop, we explore ways to be more enthusiastic about characters, choices and ideas.

The objective is to sell your ideas to your fellow actors and to the audience. Make them appealing. Make us all want to buy in!

I posed the question in the workshop - If you sell your ideas with more confidence, will it make for better improv?

The answer? Yes it did.

By purposefully adding confidence, we remembered introductions, laughed more, and created great scenes. Confidence is an amazing ingredient in an improv show and in life.

Playing Harold Hill in The Music Man back in 2001,
I remember learning to Sell It for an entire show.
Although Julie Andrews has a bigger hat than me. 
So try it in your next improv show or presentation - heck, even your next conversation. Collect your courage, and Sell It a bit more. Be more confident about what you say. This helps with having more "attack" in improv shows.

Realize that there is a powerful connection between what you say and how you say it.

Focus on the ability to make the audience believe you by selling your ideas, characters and choices. 

And remember... if you're on stage, someone in the audience is watching you. Sit up and Sell It! 

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